Monday, February 4, 2008

Most subscribed at You Tube! A Filipina!

Ranked No. 6 as the most subscribed artists/video blogger and ranked no. 4 most subscribed director in You Tube, would you believe, is a Filipina-American Christine a.k.a “Happy Slip” Gambito. Wow, every Filipino should be proud of her because one of the most subscribed internet celebrity is from our race.

Because of her popularity in the internet world the Philippine Government through the Department of Tourism with the effort of Sec. Ace Durano, made her our newest ambassador to market the Philippine tourism in North America using the world wide web. She is recently here in the Philippines to tour the tourist spots here in the Philippines which I believe would be the subjects of her video blogs in the future.
She also visited some of the tv shows like "Wowowee" and was featured on the news.

Christine joined You Tube a year ago and was known for her wacky home videos portraying mostly her family members and relatives. She does the acting, directing, video editing all by herself. I really think one of the reasons why Christine earned this kind of popularity over the net because of her simple beauty and the fact that she is very talkative but in a very amusing way. One factor also is her talent in playing the guitar and the piano as well as being the composer of the songs she performs. Some of the songs are mimicry or mockery of other known songs. She can also make a beat out of a plastic drinking glass. This pretty lady finished a nursing degree to a school which I still don’t know and she was raised in Virginia. Her main purpose joining you tube was to have a venue where she could express herself as well as her thoughts. She wishes that every viewer wear a happy smile every time they watch her home made videos. But knowing that she is now in the revenue sharing program of You Tube, I really believe that she now earns big bucks out of her videos. Video Blogging? I’ll try to do that maybe later on if I’ll find the guts to do it.

You can actually earn while doing this kind of blogs be it in writing or video. But I would not elaborate more because I’m still gathering information to make a blog out of it and maybe we could discuss it further after such blog.

To all of you who would want to see her videos, just visit You Tube and just search for happy slip or you could visit her website at . I would recommend the videos “Contagious”, “Mac Daddy” and her music videos like “7.7.7”, “French Fries”, “Mac Beautiful” and others. She has a really good singing voice and a very good comedienne. I hope she could be an actress here in our country. At the end of of her videos you would always hear her imitating her mother saying the tag line "Christine Be Sure to Wear your Half-E-Slip". That's where she got the nickname "Happy Slip"

That’s all folks. Support our countryman in You Tube. See you again in my next blog where I would feature a Filipino having fete international scene.

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