Sunday, February 10, 2008

Women As Explained By Engineers!

This is an email forwarded by a good friend and housemate, my DOTA buddy, Engr. Niben Clerigo, a bachelor at the age of 25, a mechanical engineer, a board topnotcher in Master Plumbing (6th place). Those girls who want to apply, he is available and not in any way attached. I dont know if he already has a covenant with DOTA.

Rather than forwarding this message to my fellow engineers, I thought it would be better if I'd just post it here for everybody to read especially to the ladies who have a good sense of humor and all of you who would want a good laugh

Part I - (Algebra Explanation)

Well as you can see this solution equates that Women = Problems!

Part II - (The Safety Engineer's/Chemical Engineer's Explanation)

Part III - (Statistics Explanation)

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