Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Invitational Basketball Tournament!

To play for a tournament to unwind and to stay fit is a thing that all of us in the corporate world should do. Yes, I did played for a tournament commissioned by one of the consulting firm here in Makati (Hyder Philippines) together with De La Salle University.

Our team was composed of new comers like me because our company has just started to grow in employees for its expansion so majority of the players of our company who played for our the games are new faces. We were informed that there is a try-out for the said tournament a week before the said tournament took off and I told myself why not give it a try. So the try out was held four days after the start of the tournament so we barely had the time to practice and it turns out that the try out is already our practice. But a game is not enough to know how good your teamates are and is not enough to know how the team would fare in the tournament because the players barely knows how the other players game. In short, we are just expecting luck to come our way comes the games.

As a result of this, we ended up 1 win and 5 losses. We won against Ayala Land Inc. - CMG with a slight margin in the overtime. We lost to the host Hyder Consulting Phil. by a big margin, lost to ID 103 (alumni of DLSU) by a few points as we rallied in the fourth quarter to trim the lead but was not enough though. We also lost to Struktura by a small margin. Lost to Design Coordinates Inc. (DCI), also a close fight and finally lost to CE Faculty of DLSU in close fight also.

Overall we gave a good fight to all our opponents but as I tried to analyze where we went wrong, I saw that the reason is simply lack of teamwork. I've seen that there are lots of talent in our team but those talents are simply not combined but is working indepently and you don't want that in a team beause this game is a game of teamwork. One must not rely on his own talent because 5 heads and bodies are always better than 1. Some are just show offs who just want to take the shot just for them to score. Basketball cannot be won by just mere scoring. It is a game of teamwork, defense, patience and good execution. I hope the team learned from the mistakes it did during the tournament. Well see what we can do next care. I hope we could play a better game next time.

But it was fun. It was a great way to unwind and to keep ourselves fit. I also hope that the organizers would be considerate to those teams who comes late because of the traffic and of course of the work they are doing. Organizers can you please be considerate enough? See you next time in the games.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Want Frebbies? Try Xpango!

I saw this frebbies site in which was said to be a scam by many members of it saying that their work for the site was not credited. The truth is I really don't know. So what I did was to go that site and take a look at it and saw that the site was very professional and you will not have thoughts that it is a scam.

One would not spend time, effort and money if that site is to scam people. The very reason why people thinks that the site is a scam is because of not reading what they are going into. for your information is a site that gives you your selected freebbie (psp, nokia phones, ipods, xbox etc.) if you would participate in their offers or refer it to your friends. You would be able to get the freebbie upon reaching the credit equivalent of such freebbie. I've seen the offers and it requires some cash out from your pocket to participate in those offers. So I thought this would be hard. But referring it to friends, this would not costs me a penny and a little bit easier. So I told myself, why not give it a try.

So if you want to win such free gift, you can CLICK HERE AND SIGN UP and refer it to your friends. Here is the catch, yes there is catch, the catch is your referred friend should also be active on the site, that is, he should also refer it to a friend or participate in Xpango Offers. The credits would be credited to you after your friend has participated in offers or has referred the site to someone else and it takes 3 days for it to be credited. That easy, sign up and earn that freebbie of your choice!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How Rich Will I Be In The Next Ten Years?

Lately I've been visiting sites of top bloggers and see how they are doing their blogs and get to know each of their styles. One of the well known blogger is John Chow. If you don't know him, well, you should visit his site to know more about him and I'll guarantee you that you will learn from his experiences in the blogosphere.


How much money will you be worth?

A post of his caught my attention. The post is about a site which tells you your future earnings for the next ten years. I don't know the accuracy of this site but it is really a stress reliever as John says it. I tried doing it and surpassed John Chow's future earnings by more than a hundred thousand dollars. John I just beat you! I just forgot my answer so I have nothing to share(It's my secret! Laughs!). But will this happen? That I don't know. Looking at what I have achieved now, I am nothing compared to a John Chow. But who knows, no one can say what the future will bring(I never lose hope!). I am very optimistic of the outcome of what I have started but this will only happen if I will be patient enough to learn new things on the web. The key here would be hard work and apply what I learned and will learn from the materials I've been reading. I never quit. There are lots of bloggers who quit when they feel like they have done everything. Wrong, you have not done your best that is why you haven't prospered. It takes a lot of patience to stay in the blogosphere. One thing that a blogger must remember is to love what he is doing, because if you dont love what you are doing then you get tired of what you do and then you quit. I love what I'm doing. I will continue to learn and reach my goal. Be it yours to.

Don't forget to try the site. It's fun!

If you like this post,

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Caramoan The Next Boracay!

Caramoan a municipality in Camarines Sur is the site where the 8th season of "Survivor - France" was filmed. This season is to be viewed by over 10 million French speaking people in Canada, Belgium, France, Switzerland and other french speaking countries in Europe. It is expected that tourists would go to the islands of Caramoan after the said reality game show hit the waves.

Gota Beach, the gateway to other islets and beaches at Caramoan was rented exclusively by the French Production to shoot the famed reality game show. The provincial Government of Camarines Sur has been reported to be paid by the production a total sum of 20 million pesos for the exclusive use of the said beach. It is expected that tourists would visit the beaches of Caramoan after having the season shown just like that of Palawan where the tourists visiting the place increased to 23 percent after the 7th season of Survivor - France was shoot there.

A development plan worth 200 million pesos is to done in Caramoan which includes road networks and an airport to boost the tourism of Camarines Sur. The development would be carefully planned and improved so as not to encounter sewage problems to the place. It was also reported that two hollywood films would be possibly filmed in Caramoan.

I would definitely try to be in the beaches of Caramoan because it is just a two hour ride from our place in Bicol. The pictures shown here are courtesy of Judy Anne Ortiz, a good friend of mine, who visited the place months ago when the 8th season of Survivor - France was being shoot. They were not able to go to Gota Beach because of the restriction posted by the agreement between DENR and the French production but the pictures would definitely show the beauty that is Caramoan.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New 7 Wonders Of The World!

I've been surfing the net and accidentally stumbled upon a site that was launched to create a New 7 Wonders of the World by having all the people of this world vote for their choice of that seven new wonders of the world. I've seen that site a month ago but was not able to vote as I was experiencing some technical problems with my internet connection.

Just a while ago I saw an article from Inquirer.Net that our good President was endorsing the Mayon Volcano to be part of the new seven wonders and encouraging all the Bicolanos to vote for the perfect cone that we have in Bicol.

If you would visit the site, it list the daily top 77 wonders of the world and you would learn that Mayon Volcano is not even included in the list. But you would see the Tubattaha Reef and Chocolate Hills occupying the 8th and 9th spot respectively. So I suggest that we Filipinos and Bicolanos as well vote for these two wonders as these wonders have that possibility to be included in the list.

The voting of the New 7 Wonders of the World was launched last July 7, 2007 at Lisbon, Portugal and aims to create such seven wonders by online voting of those supporters of each wonder.

To vote for the two wonders from the Philippines you can visit Let us make these two sites part of the new seven wonders to promote not only our country but our tourism.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

AShop Commerce For Your Business Needs!

Do you sell products on your site. Need tools that would easily let your customers avail of what you offer? If you dont have one, then AShop Commerce is for you to try.

Ashop Commerce is one of the leading shopping cart software provider which is would be very useful for your e-commerce needs. The softwares they provide are secure and integrated with google check out. The relationship with AShop Commerce does not end by buying the product but the relationship continues with the technical support that AShop Commerce's team provides.

Whats good about the softwares they provide is their easy coustomization features. You can tweak on the softwares to suit your site. Upgrades for the softwares are all given for free. Another important thing to know about these softwares is that you can chose from whatever plan you opt to use and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime you like. There is definitely no fixed prizing for the products they provide therefore the prizes are really reasonable.

So if you want to have presence online and ease in your transactions, try visiting SkipJack Financial services to know more about it and be one of the leaders in selling and marketing your online business.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Dneero Surveys!

Here are two dneero surveys. One of which is for charity therefore it's a must do survey.

Haircut Survey!

Dneero Survey for Members (For Charity!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogging For All or For a Privileged Few?

This article is intended for blogger and non-bloggers especially to those who want to be in the blogging industry. I say industry for the reason that blogging has now became an income stream to those bloggers who wants to earn money online and not just a hobby or past time and sometimes a diary to remind a person of what has happened into his life. Blogging now has been used for advertising and a very powerful aspect of e-commerce.

If a person really wants to blog, I believe he can, that is my stand and therefore blogging is for all. Some people might say that blogging is for those people who can write articles which would definitely attract readers because of its good content. False! Why did I say so? Simply because you don’t need to write those articles yourself because those articles that you want to write can already be found on the net. One good example is this site, The other would be There are lots of sites out there where you could choose articles which sooth your sites and contains articles of almost all topics of your interests, be it in blogging, advertising, sports, business, news and a lot more. What you should do is to rewrite these articles and maybe improve its content if you have better ideas to supplement that certain article. As business boo writer Robert Kiyosaki says it in his books (Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series), “You don’t need an idea that is new, it just have to be better.” Same as with writing, you just need to improve it because the author might have missed some details. You might also want to give credit to the original author’s work about that article. He would love his work published to your site plus a citation to his work would be very much welcomed. Just be sure not to copy copyrighted articles.

To share, I started blogging because of a random email sent to me by another blogger saying that there is a possibility to earn online through blogging. I would like to thank that girl for that. She is just a college student and doing blogging part-time and monetizing it at the same time. I bet she has made big bucks out of her blog. I recently visited her site and the site meter reflects that the visitors already reached more than a hundred thousand. Her preferred method of monetizing her blog is the infamous Google Adsense. Many earned success online through this advertising program and I can say that this one is a very good start for those bloggers who wants to monetize their blogs.

In that email sent to me, I was not introduced to Google Adsense yet but the idea of earning extra income online stuck to my head and motivated me to research and that lead me to Google Adsense. There are still a lot of advertising programs like Bidvertiser, Ad Brite, Clicksor, Kontera, Widget Bucks, Chitika and a lot more which a blogger can enroll to monetize her blog. The good thing about these advertising programs is that it is for free plus the fact that you’ll earn from it. Sounds good, isn’t it? But I will not discuss in depth all those advertising programs in this article as I intend to write about it in the next articles that I would be writing, so watch out for that.

When I started to blog, I myself is not a writer of any sort. Never had I experienced writing for a school paper, a newspaper or whatever medium of writing that you can think of. But here I am, writing, it has become my passion, my way to financial freedom and hope that it would be yours too. And so I am encouraging all those who want to venture in this online business that is blogging to go on, there are a lot of people who would want to guide you on your way. They could be your business partners in the future. They would help you and you to them. I will be one of those to guide and teach you on your way. I might be a new blogger but I work hard to attain my goal. My hard work is starting to pay off. You and I will reap that success. I want you to be there. See you around!

(The author of this article is a Civil Engineer working full-time for a fa├žade consulting company as a design engineer and doing blogging part-time in his spare time. He wishes to impart all his knowledge to everyone who wants to learn blogging and earn from it. He sees that blogging would be a medium to reach his financial freedom. He intends to share his knowledge using his blog sites name Pamps’ Blog Corner and Pamps’ How To Guide.)

Blog URL’s:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Project Exlinks Batch 4

Here is the project exlinks batch 4. This is a meme started by Mommy Ruby and I joined this one knowing that it would explode my technorati ranking by this one. I doubt if it would also increase our google page rank because a certain backlink is not always beneficial to both. I am studying now how to increase google pagerank and I will be sharing what I've known to all my visitors and readers. Just watch out for that.

1. Pinay
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Learn more about Project Exlinks here.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Women's Answer To My Posts "Women As Explained by Engineers"

This is a forwarded email from a college classmate and a very good friend Ivy. I felt that this was an answer to my posts way back about how men see women although it was in the perspectivie of an engineer. I had a good laugh reading that one sent to me. Then came this one from Ivy, it was really funny but quite true. Don't deny the fact, there is a truth to this one. (Laughs!)

But men, are we really like what they say we are? That is for us to judge? Women, what can you say about this?

WoMAN has MAN in it,
MRs. has MR in it,
FeMALE has MALE in it,
SHE has HE in it,
MADAM has ADAM in it;
No wonder man always want to be inside women!

Men were born between the legs of a woman, yet
men spend their life and time trying to go back
between the legs of woman..
Because there is no place like HOME!

Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now...
I never looked at this way before:

Ever noticed how all of women's problems start
with men?

MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal breakdown
When we have REAL trouble, it's a

Inded there is no place like home! (Laughs!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So Young, So Good!

Indeed So young, So Good. Wesley So, the youngest Filipino grandmaster in the world at the age of 14, topped the latest 10th Dubai Chess Open besting other fellow GM's Gagunashvili, Chao, and Ghaem after tie break computation in the last round of the said tournament. I have mentioned Wesley So earlier here in this blog because of his wit and mastery of the game of chess. This is really another Filipino we should be proud of. The competition was attracted 131 players including 24 GM's. So, won the first five rounds of the events after losing in the sixth round to tormentor Gagunashvili, won the seventh game and drew the last two games.

Earlier in the tournament, so also settled for the bronze (3rd place) in the filler event Blitz game. Wesley So will be heading to Indonesia with his father for a match with fellow GM Megaranto Susanto. Let us watch out for this chess genius and prodigy for more glory that he will bring to our country. Go Wesley So!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 GB Community - Another Social Network?

We have heard of different social network which of course let you meet new friends, posts your blog, make it as a storage of photos and some use it as an avenue to chat with old and new friends. All of which are present in one of the social network in the web, the 3gb community. Another feature of this community aside from the its chat system is the new mp3 system where you can play your latest favorite mp3 hits. Of course we love music, this is the one that spells the difference amongst the other social network communities. Your networking experience just makes it even better by sharing and listening to the music of your interests.

So let us all join 3gb community and enjoy the songs that refreshes our soul!

How To Start Your Own Dot Com The Easy Way!

I have always told myself that I would dedicate this site to sharing informations to those who would also want to learn to blog and at the same time earn from what they write about. So I want to take this post as one which would help those people who would want to have a blog site of their own. This article is a basic to starting your blog, so let's get started with blog hosts.

If you don't have a budget to have your blog hosted on a paid web host then is for you. All you need to have is an account to and you can use that account to sign in and get started with your blog to this host. I started blogging using this host because it is owned by Google, Inc. itself and it has been very easy to link your blog to Google Adsense, one of the provider of ads which is a very good way to monetize your blog. What I also liked about this blog host is its easy way of editing the layout as well as the content of your site. The setback of this host is that it has less templates to chose from but templates can be downloaded and it could be uploaded to be your template on blogger.

Another good host of a blog is I have been reading a lot of positive revious from this blog host. Whats good about this host is that you can easily migrate your blogger posts to this one. I have tried doing this and indeed it was very easy. There are lots of templates to choose from this host and these templates are said to be more professional looking than the templates offered in What I find difficult in this host is the not so user friendly customization of its layout. I prefer costumization in blogger as it is much more easier and user friendly. Another good thing about wordpress is when a user creates a comment to a certain blog, it automatically creates a backlink to the commentor's website/blogsite.

Aside from providing a blog program for its members, LiveJournal is also a social networking site where every user is provided with a list of friends to a certain members account. That is a very good way to socialize and interact with other bloggers.

I heard this is also a good host and it also a site where the blogs are optimized for search. I checked the site and they offer a 14-day trial which is also a good thing. Big news companies use this site to host their weblogs.

There are still lots of blog hosts out there but these are just a few of the known hosts which you can start to write about the events of your life, opinions, journeys and adventures as well as the news you love to talk about. You can also start forums about the topics you want to talk about using this blog hosts. Note that even these hosts can give you a free account. They also have paid accounts which gives you a more advanced features that would make your blogging experience more enjoyable. It is up to you if you want to upgrade. The good thing about blogging is the oppurtunity of earning. Maybe when that time comes, you can go for paid accounts to the hosts that I mentioned or even have a dot com of your to be provided by web hosting companies. Well tackle those ones in the proper time and forum.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Signed Up For Pay Per Post

I started blogging when I learned oppurtunities of making money out of writing. I first started with a third party site that gives advertisements based on what you write. I've learned that every blog needs traffic and to do that I started to network to other bloggers and realized that there are other great oppurtunities to earn with blogs and one of those is Pay Per Post.

What I like about Pay Per Post is that it is both beneficial to both the publisher/blogger and advertiser as the publisher gets paid by doing articles with regards to a certain product or topic that an advertiser wants to promote. Another good thing about pay per post is PPP Direct where advertiser can directly hire bloggers to create a post about a product they want to promote. It is also a great avenue for gaining friends online as each and everyone learns from each others posts. There is also an oppurtunity to review a certain bloggers posts and both the reviewer and reviewee earns from that posts.

I have also seen bloggers who became very successful in the programs offered by Pay Per Post where some of them really make big bucks from those programs. I intend to be part of those who really make it big with Pay Per Post. I know there are lots of things which needs to be done and I am taking one step at a time to be there. With these, I will be enjoying to write about the things I love to write at the same time earning from it.

Let us all be part of payperpost, spread the good news and hope everyone would enjoy! There is a bright future with Pay Per Post!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Win 3000 EntreCard Credits ++!!!

Because I have learned the entrecard system fast and been earning lots of credits from it, I am running this contest to share some of the credits I earned to this good traffic exchange site which lets you earn those creadits by droppping your business cards to other members' entrecard and at the same time giving you the oppurtunity to advertise your site to other members' site. This contest will run until May 15, 2008. The lucky winners will be drawn on that same date and be announced the next day. Here are the prizes to be won.

1st Prize: 3000 Entrecard Credits + 1 month free ad placement to this site
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How to Join and Earn Raffle Entries:
1. Create a post about this contest to your site with a minimum of 150 words and linking back the article to this post. - Earn 5 entries
2. Subscribe to this site - Earn 2 entries (Note: Every subscriber will automatically win 25 entrecard credits)
3. Drop your Entrecard to this site 3 times - Earn 1 entry
4. Do a comment in this article. - Earn 2 entries

In your comments, please inclcude your entrecard email, your subscription email, your website or blogsite. Please also include the actions you have made and the entries you have earned for easy checking. Thats all folks, keep the comments coming! Enjoy the contests!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yahoo - Microsoft? Yahoo - AOL? or Yahoo - Google?

The battle of the internet giants are getting into the peak these days. These has all started because of the unsolicited offer of Microsoft Network to acquire one of the leading search engines, Yahoo, Inc.

Yesterday it was on the news that a possible deal America Online of Time Warner Inc. is a bout to close in. This could be a big threat to the offer of Microsoft to Yahoo. Microsoft still takes its stand to its $44.6 billion dollar offer to Yahoo while the latter believes that it undervalues the worth of Yahoo shares. It has also been reported that Yahoo is about to do a test run of Google's Adsense for search but the result would not affect the Yahoo-AOL deal. After years of battling Google in online advertising, Yahoo decided to take such test if it would benefit both internet giants. The test would not exceed 3% of the Yahoo search queries. It is said to be that about 90% of online advertising is the share that Yahoo and Google would get given the possibility of a partnership between the two companies.

The battle is just starting to be interesting. What will be Microsoft's move? Will there be a merger between these internet giants? Will it be a Yahoo - Microsoft? Yahoo - Google? Or Yahoo - AOL?

I believe that a merger of this four would definitely be a powerhouse and a monopoly indeed on the web. New search engines would definitely have a hard time competing with them if such mergers would take place.


The Wall Street Journal

The Philippine Daily Inquirer

Yahoo, Microsoft Merger

I have been watching closely the merger being talked about by two of the giant dot coms on the web, Yahoo and Microsoft. Of course every blogger knows these two search engines because these are the players next to Google and bloggers knows the importance of being ranked in this popular search engines. The fact is, these three are the most important of the search enginese we can find on the web.

Yahoo rejected the $44.6 billion dollar offer of Microsoft which is said to be equal to $29 dollars per share of stock, because the Yahoo board believes that the price is not of the best interest to Yahoo and its shareholders. Microsoft applied pressure to Yahoo by expressing that they would directly address the matter to the shareholders and not to the Yahoo board.

I think that the merger is possible if the two camps would come up with an agreement that is both beneficial to the parties involved. I may not be so good when it comes to this mergers but in my point of view, the merger would be good for both companies for they can create a much better competition to the search engine giant Google, Inc. which is way ahead of the two companies involved.

Even with the slump in the Yahoo's operations, it has always been on the move to innovate and create ways to compete with Google. One of the recent announcements made by Yahoo is the inclusion of video storage and streaming to Yahoo's Flickr to keep up with Google's YouTube. Let's just wait and see how Flickr would do against the established YouTube which has been the pillar for video streaming.

There are lots of new things coming up on the web and we just have to wait and see what is in store for all of us.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the Cards!

Here is another survey from Dneero. Its all about playing cards. See my answers here!

Friendship Chain

I was tagged by my very good friend and our princess Cotton to do this tag. Well, do I have a choice? This would help the bloggers in the chain as well as mine to increase our technorati ranks. Been there, seen the results. I'm now ranked in the top 30,000 blogs and want to improve it more. So I'll do this one. And besides I cannot refuse my "kumare". She's gonna box me if I'm not gonna do this. Hehe! So if you want your ranks to increase, do this one. Been seeing this one but no one has dared tag me yet. Thanks to Cotz, been thinking, do i have a friend online? This tag erased such question. Hehehe!

~~Begin Copy~~

I have randomly selected other bloggers below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to add your link in the end of the list and tag other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding Tag others . This is the easy way and the fastest way to

1. Make your Authority Technorati explode.
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5. Build your community

Rules :

1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog. (for bloggers paste on the "compose" not the "edit html" part in posting blogs so it will be linked automatically).
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can.

1. Picturing of Life 2. Juliana’s Site,a 3. Hazel-My Life, My Hope, My Future. 4. Jeanne-The Callalily Space 5.My Family is my Life 6. The Simple Life of a Baghag 7. On A Wonderful Day Like Today 8. House Everything, a 9. The Creativity in Me 10. Travel and Photography 11. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 12. Nora’s Notes 13. Noras Family Treasures 14. Fil-Oz Blog 15. What A World 16. More on Health 17. Everyday Life 18.Pinaywifespeaks 19. Pinaywife Atbp. 20. Laugh Out Loud 21. Life’s Lessons 22. Kerslyn’s Comfort Zone23. Borski and Nai 24. M A R I K I T, 25. Jan April, 26. Random Thoughts 27.the long journey of my life 28. Life's Journey, 29. Wonderful Life, 30. Gen's Palace, 31. Moments I Treasure, 32. Trails N Life, 33. Life Has Began, 34. Simply Amazing, 35. Amazing Life, 36 Sorrounded Everything, 37. Alot To Offer, 38. Travel Blog, 39. Fascinating Life, 40. Blogger Spider Man, 41. Creative in Me 42. Little Peanut 43. Me and Mine 44. Sugar Magnolias-45. Clark & Butchay's Blog 46. Me, Myself and I ; 47. coffeenchoclate; 48. D!V!NE'S CRIB 49. All About Me 50.Qtcotzkie and Baby 51. Pamps' Blog Corner 52. Pamps' Compilation of Videos 53. Your Link Here!

--End Copy--

Tagging: Laura, Moon Goddess, Flora

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

NBA Playoffs

We Filipinos are known to be fanatics of three sports, first is boxing, second billiards and third would be basketball. We have made it to the olympics in the past consistently but because of the politics in basketball and the poor funding to train our athletes we were not able to compete in the recent olympics.

One ball game that we look up to is non other than the National Basketball Association in which we were really hooked when the Chicago Bulls are playing during the nineties with their ace player Michael Jordan. I have never lost my interest in this ball game because talents keep on coming in this game and now starts to be global. We don't usually watch the eliminations but when playoffs is about to start, thats the time when we focus on the game.

In the eliminations, there are new faces that made it to the news. One of them is non other no. 2 pick of this year's draft, Kevin Durant of the Seattle Supersonics. There is no doubt that he would win the Rookie of the Year Award. They recently trounced the Denver Nuggets (Allen Iverson's and Carmelo Anthony's team) in a sensational double overtime yesterday. Durant's team didnt make it to the playoffs because of the lack of needed support. All the rookies are the ones lifting the team. This is also because of Ray Allen leaving the team and playing for the Boston Celtics with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. The Boston Celtics is number one in this years eliminations. If they will win all their games left then they will tie the performance of the Dallas Mavericks last year (my team) which eventually lost to the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the playoffs. A real upset.

Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets made it to the news in this year's elimination. This playmaker is one of the contenders in the most coveted MVP Award. He is fighting it against Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics), Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) and Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers). I believe he would be voted by the majority of the press because of his outstanding performance from start to finish of the eliminations. Well Kevin Garnett will not be my choice. You would ask why? Simply because he is supported by two great players, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, that is why they are topping the scoreboards. But there are no Pierce and Allen in the Hornets line up, so this guy should really be credited. We should also look at the big trades that was made this year. Shaquille O'Neal and Grant Hill was traded to the Phoenix Suns. This didn't make such an impact because they lost Shawn Marion. The Dallas Mavericks acquired Jason Kidd from the New Jersey Nets. Let's see how they will work the playoffs with the addition of this veteran playmaker. They are ranked 7th in the West. They should win the remaining games for Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors are not far ahead to secure the playoffs spot. The biggest acquisition of the year would be with the Lakers when they acquired Pau Gasol from the Grizzlies. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are really a fire on the floor. Let us see how the playoffs would fare. The Celtics is on watch because of the powerhouse line up that they have. Will they win another Championship? That is a big question. We should really watch out the playoffs and see whats gonna happen. So stick on your TV's and pop some popcorn!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Did I make money out of this blog?

I read an article in one of the traffic exchange site asking this same question, the only difference is our answer. She said a "no" and mine is a "yes" and the proof just arrived this day, April 4, 2008, my Google Adsense PIN.

I don't blame the author of the blog that I was mentioning because she said that she loves writing and that is why she does it. But there was a remark from her that "it doesn't pay my light bills" (I believe she's referring to her electricity bill). Now that should be a reason to start monetizing her blog, to pay her electricity bills. Besides she have a good site and have a decent writing basing from what I've read in her article.

After more than two months of blogging, I am starting to see the results of the work I've done. I started blogging because of a random email that was sent to me from a certain member of a social network I joined, the Friendster. She was telling me about making money within the social network and showed me a link of the proof. Of course it directed me to her blog site and saw the clip I posted here, the "Mel & Joey" earn from your blog segment and realized that we could really earn from blogs. It has been very difficult experience for me because I didn't knew adsense. I just saw it on one of the sponsored links on that site and researched about it, registered using my friendster account, yes my friendster account, you can use that if you don't have a website yet (you would be needing it if you would register), it worked for me. Still the hard part of it is that no one thought me how to do it, the only one I learned with a help of an online friend(Mommy Ruby) is viral linking. I have to study everything on my own so I told myself, why not make this blog a tool to teach everybody who wants to earn online. That I am doing and will do for the rest of my blogging days.

Sometimes its hard to reply on people's queries because of the new things that I learn online. I use to focus on each thing that I learn and sometimes I can't give time to those I am teaching. It is very hard to divide time when you are just starting to learn more and more. To those I'm mentoring, be patient with me, I'll be back on you, thats for sure. I've had my triumph and failures on the web, failures that posts as challenge to me. Challenges that makes you improve your work and give more dedication, correct those mistakes and innovate. There are still much to talk about but I am cutting this off now. Watch out for the posts that I will be making, tips from Google Adsense, and other ways to earn online. Been discovering quite a few of them. Watch out for the new site that I would be making. Will correct my past mistakes on that site. My journey on the web has been a trial and error but still is rewarding.

I am happy that there are no holds on my Google Adsense account. I am adhering Google Adsense to all the Filipinos and all bloggers of the world because it is free. Everything in this life that is free is good. I believe that, do you? So let's Adsense our way to richess. I'll see you there.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Brian Gorrell Story

Many of the Filipino bloggers decided not to talk about the story of this Australian blogger because of the legal implications that they would be facing in doing an article about his blog. I will be as careful as those who have tackled this news by not mentioning the names involved in his story because just like the other known blogger like Abe Olandres, we are just protecting the blogging profession (I consider it as one), because some pro bloggers earns their "main" income in this medium. I guess this is the main reason why Filipino bloggers they shy away from the story.

Now that it has been featured in one of the biggest TV station here in the Philippines, ABS-CBN, I think its about time to publish my opinion about all that Brian is talking about. I've been reading closely to all his entries because of the fact that he is a good writer, I said a good writer, and he can prove that if you would just read closely to his blog and another proof of that is his daily visitors which reach more than 50, 000 and is estimated to be more than 2 million in just a month of exposing the story. No blogger has ever done that in a very short span of time in the blogosphere.

Before I share my opinion, let me start off with the story of this famous blogger. Brian Gorrell is an Australian who was originally from Canada but raised in the country down under. He decided to have a vacation in our country and met his ex-boyfriend who is a writer (former) of a big newspaper and is said to be a part of the high class society or shall we say a socialite. Yes, Brian Gorrell is a gay as well as his lover. They had a whirlwind romance and Gorrell and his ex-lover talked about setting up a restaurant business to be put up in Greenbelt Makati. His ex-lover when he went back to Australia asked him to send the former the money which would be used for the said business. As he came back to the Philippines he discovered that there was no business being set up and all of it was just a make believe for him. The story was sensationalized because of the stories behind it which he told in his blog and the people involved are the what we so call the "socialites" whose names are really well known in this country. He said that this people allegedly are addicted to "coccaine" or Coke (street name). A few of the people involved in this story are also writers of the big paper which his ex-lover wrote before and allegedly do exchange positive write-ups for freebbies in Boracay and Hotels in Makati.

Gorrell started his blog to get the money which his ex-lover owed him which amounted to $70, 000 according to him. Doing my math, it is close to 3 million pesos. From what I've read in other blogs, Gorrell's site is already a case study of libel laws on the net. From what I understand on his blog, he doesn't want to pursue a case against his ex-lover here in the Philippines because of the loopholes of our justice system. I don't blame him for that. He believes that his ex-lover can get away with what he did. In my opinion, our officials should look into what he is saying and if it is true that selling of drugs is rampant in public gatherings and is patronized by this high society then is just reflects that our fight against prohibited drugs is not that good. Our officials should do something to correct this even if the people involved are those in high society. This is not a story of gossip anymore but becomes a national issue as it tackles the use of prohibited drugs. These high society people should be the role model to every one of us and not the ones who violates the law. This also affects our tourism because of the bad experiences that a tourists encountered in our country and I think we should help him out if he is really telling the truth. Who would want to go to our country if someone who loves our country had a bad experience and our government is not helping out. No one would ever come back if they will not feel secure in this country. Right? Some would say, it should be laid out in the proper forum but the proper forum is not proper for Gorrell for he cannot be represented by his Australian lawyer as far as I understand it. Therefore it is stalemate when it comes to that. So I guess the Philippine Government should intervene in this one. Settle all the issues and move forward. Lastly everybody who owes something to someone should pay.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Introducing The Google Android!

What is the Google Android?

Android is a software development platform for mobile phones based on the Linux operating system and developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. It does not allow third party developers to write native code, instead all user applications are executed by a specialized java interpreter.

The unveiling of the Android platform on November 5, 2007 was announced with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 34 hardware, software and telecom companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices. Android platform will be made available under the Apache free-software and open source license.

The alliance is composed of Google, Intel, Nvidia, Texas Instruments, eBay and others. HTC, Samsung Electronics, LG and Motorola which are also members of the alliance announced that it would use this platform in their products to be released within this year. The said platform will compete with platforms developed independently by Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Palm, Research and Motion and Symbian.

The video attached is just a preview of what to expect of the Android platform. Sergey Brin co-owner and President of Google and Steve Horowitz explaining the capabilities of the android software. Google has invited developers to develop applications for the Android platform. Google will award 10 million dollars to developers who build great application for Android.


Handset Layouts
The platform is adaptable to both larger, VGA, 2D graphics library, 3D graphics library based on OpenGL ES 1.0 specifications, traditional smartphone layouts.

SQLite for structured data storage

Android supports a wide variety of connectivity technologies including GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, EDGE, EV-DO, and Wi-Fi

Both SMS and MMS are available form of messaging including threaded text messaging

Web Browser
The web browser available in Android is based on the open-source WebKit application framework

Java Virtual Machine
Software written in Java can be compiled into Dalvik bytecodes and executed in Dalvik Virtual Machine which is a specialized VM implementation designed for mobile device.

Media Support
Android will support advanced audio/video/still media formats such as MPEG-4, H.264, MP3, and AAC, AMR, JPEG, PNG, GIF

Additional Hardware Support
Android is fully capable of utilizing video/still cameras, touchscreens, GPS, compasses, accelerometers, and accelerated 3D graphics.

Development Environment
Includes a device emulator, tools for debugging, memory and performance profiling, a plugin for the Eclipse IDE.

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The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

EntreCard To Increase Your Traffic!

There are debates when it comes to this traffic exchange site whether it brings quality or just quantity traffic. Whether it is quality or quantity it is still traffic and is much better than no traffic at all. I advise every new blogger like me to join this traffice exchange community. A few of the members lost thier interest to this site because they say that they don't get quality traffic to their site. The reason in my opinion is absurd because there are member who really read and subscribe to the sites of the member. But at first, I suggest that members should increase first their advertisment cost by being a power dropeer first then the reading of readworthy blogs should be next. There are sites of members that would really boost your blogsites. The secret to everything is reading religiously.

What do we get from joining EntreCard?

1. We get credits from dropping our cards to other members of this site.
2. We can advertise our site to other sites.

We get credits by dropping our cards to other sites. Yes that easy. We also earn credits to those who advertise to us. A few members was disaappointed because it is very hard for them to make 300 drops for a day. We must do this for us to advertise to well known sites which cost us big amounts of credits and we can only do this by being a power dropper ourselves. Maximize our dropping to 300 hoping that drops we made would be reciprocated and thereby increasing the cost of advertising to our site. I just joined six days ago and I am now ranked as "a dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction". The stats below are my stats. See, I dropped 300 cards within the day. Many find it hard it do 300 drops. Want to know how I did it?

Simple. Use the EntreCard site opener.

How to operate it?
1. Open your account to EntreCard.
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4. Look for the EntreCard avatar and drop your card.
5. When "Thanks!" appear on the avatar, press Ctrl+W to close the tab.
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to reach 300 drops

This process can be completed approximately an hour or if your connection is faster, 30 minutes would do. It's not hard to do isn't it? So let's EntreCard to Increase our traffic.

Build Links, Increase Your Technorati!

I remember joining technorati, the biggest blog directory just a month ago and I was overwhelmed by the result it gave me. From scratch, I now have an authority of 173. I believe it is an achievement for a start up blogger like me. My technorati ranking also increased from about 2 million plus during my start to 34, 802 now.

You would ask how I did such feat in just a short span of time? Well the answer to your question is non other than Link Building!

One way of building links is to join memes that links your site to other blog sites. One of the most known link building meme is the "Big Bang". I believe this one has helped me the most. The others that I joined are "Project Exlinks", and "Links Around The World". Well, I would like to give credit to super Mommy Ruby for introducing all of these to me. All that I know before are link exchanges or more coined as "exlinks". I suggest that everyone join these meme's as it would increase your technorati ranking and as well as your authority thus, making you an authority to blogging. (At least to Technorati's point of view). I still don't know how link building works to increase the google pagerank. Still not ranked at it. But I'll be there in due time. It takes a lot of patience as all Pro Bloggers say. Maybe not in this site but to the other sites I would build.

What else can we do to increase our links?

Aside from exchanging links, you can do comments to other bloggers' blog site but take note that you should not sign in your blogger account when commenting but rather use the name/url option. This would be counted as backlink to your site. The blogger account would just link it to your blogger profile but not your blogsite. Now, if the name/url is not available, you can sign in your blogger account and you can still create a backlink by doing a little html code which is very easy to do.

Type In:

One more piece of advise, make sure that your comment is relevant to the post you just commented. By this way, the author of the blog would notice you and there is a big chance that he would visit your site. And by doing this, you can increase your traffice as well. So why dont you comment on this post and I will comment as well to your article.

And lastly, link building not only increase your traffic but it is also a very good way of gaining friends and discovering great blogs out there in the blogosphere. Informative blogs that would really optimize your site. That's all for link building. Check out this site for more blogging tips.

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This project exlinks is growing very fast. I heard that it already has the batch four but im still waiting for the code to come. Thanks to Mommy Ruby for initiating this!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gas Price on the Rise!

Former President Corazon Aquino Diagnosed With Colon Cancer

The Aquino family has announced that the former President was found to have colon cancer on her check up. The former President decided to submit herself on check-up when she started to suffer from high blood pressure and difficulty of breathing followed by fever and starts to lose her appetite and at the same time noticing her weight loss.

Colorectal cancer, also called colon cancer or large bowel cancer, includes cancerous growths in the colon, rectum and appendix. It is the third most common form of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the Western world. Colorectal cancer causes 655,000 deaths worldwide per year.[1] Many colorectal cancers are thought to arise from adenomatous polyps in the colon. These mushroom-like growths are usually benign, but some may develop into cancer over time. The majority of the time, the diagnosis of localized colon cancer is through colonoscopy. Therapy is usually through surgery, which in many cases is followed by chemotherapy.

Let us all pray for the recovery of the former President whatever our political party is. Let us acknowledge her contributions to our history. She had been an inspiration to all of us for fighting the dictatorship of the Marcos regime. May she recover from her illness however hard it may be.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Do you have a carbuncle?

I wrote this article as an information to those who doesn't know the english term for "pigsa". Yes, it is carbuncle. I saw this male as I was about to go to the office this morning who have this skin disease located on his neck. Now, what if it's located somewhere else, maybe right at your butt, that it hurts you and makes you decide not to come to the office. What would you tell your boss or your immediate superior?

Boss, I cannot come to the office today because I have a "pigsa".

Quite shameful isn't it? But how about if you would say:

Boss, I cannot come to the office today because I have a carbuncle.

Sounds OK. I bet your boss would permit you right away because he doesn't even know what a carbuncle is. I just don't know if my boss is familiar with the term, our firm is owned by an American.

I learned this term in one a radio station here in Metro Manila, 90.7 Love Radio. I am not sure if the show is titled "Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura" or just the segment of it. The show is graced by fellow bicolano or shall I say bicolana Nicole-hiyala and Chris-Tsuper. The tandem is known for their wacky acts and opinions in the airwaves but sometimes gives informations such as this one. If you want to have a smile early in the morning. You should try their show.

But when they gave this information they said that "pigsa" is impetigo or carbuncle but as I researched about the two skin diseases, I found out that there is a big difference between the two. And if you read closely on both skin disease you would find out that "pigsa" is carbuncle and not impetigo although they are closely related.

Just to give you an informations about this, a carbuncle is a lump on the skin usually caused by bacterial infection. Most carbuncles are caused by the bacteria staphylococcus aureus. The infection is contagious and may spread to other areas of the body or other people.

A carbuncle is made up of several skin boils. The infected mass is filled with fluid, pus, and dead tissue. Fluid may drain out of the carbuncle, but sometimes the mass is so deep that it cannot drain on its own. Carbuncles may develop anywhere, but they are most common on the back and the nape of the neck. Men get carbuncles more often than women. Because the condition is contagious, family members may develop carbuncles at the same time. Often, the direct cause of a carbuncle cannot be determined. Things that make carbuncle infections more likely include friction from clothing or shaving, generally poor hygiene and weakening of immunity. For example, persons with diabetes and immune system diseases are more likely to develop staphylococcal infections.

Carbuncles usually must drain before they will heal. This most often occurs on its own in less than 2 weeks. Placing a warm moist cloth on the carbuncle helps it to drain, which speeds healing. The affected area should be soaked with a warm, moist cloth several times each day. The carbuncle should not be squeezed, or cut open without medical supervision, as this can spread and worsen the infection.

Treatment is needed if the carbuncle lasts longer than 2 weeks, returns frequently, is located on the spine or the middle of the face, or occurs along with a fever or other symptoms. Treatment helps reduce complications related to an infection. A doctor may prescribe antibacterial soaps and antibiotics applied to the skin or taken by mouth. Deep or large lesions may need to be drained by a health professional.

Proper hygiene is very important to prevent the spread of infection. Hands should always be washed thoroughly after touching a carbuncle. Washcloths and towels should not be shared or reused. Clothing, washcloths, towels, and sheets or other items that contact infected areas should be washed in very hot (preferably boiling) water. Bandages should be changed frequently and thrown away in a tightly-closed bag.

Carbunculus may heal on their own. Others usually respond well to treatment. However, a carbuncle can return again and again for months or years following the first infection. Call a doctor if a carbuncle does not heal with home treatment within 2 weeks or is located on the face, neck or spine. The same if you have a fever or a lot of swelling around the carbuncle, or pain that gets worse. Also consult a professional if carbuncles come back often.
(I did not post an image to this article because I cannot see an image which would not be an eye sore to everyone. I'll post one if I get one.)

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Blog Worth!

My blog is worth $16,936.20.
How much is your blog worth?

Previous Blog Worth

My blog is worth $58,712.16.
How much is your blog worth?

New Blog Worth

I am quite happy with the new worth of this blog. I guess I am doing something right or am I? I'm studying search engine optimization and other stuffs that can increase this blogsite's redearship and traffic. I will be posting tips that would help new bloggers earn their respective rankings on blog directories as well as web directories so watch out for that. Taking it one step at a time. I hope you would stay for updates about SEO and Adsense and all the necessary things that can make one's blog competitive. One tip to all is to join forums, this is one way of earning backlinks to your site and gaining all informations about SEO and other things that you want to know. Just participate in the discussions for you to learn. Ask questions and there would be bloggers that would be very interested in helping you out. Aside from forums, you can also create backlinks by making comments to other blogsites by using Name/URL option when commenting. If you have questions, you may email me or leave a message in this site. That's all for now. Many thanks to all my visitors, readers/subscribers and big thanks to those who gave their comments. I will strive to keep you all updated.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beauty or Brains?

Question and Answer (Bb. Pilipinas 2008)

Janina's Message to her critics

If I were to choose from the two, I would prefer brains. But if both are present then its a bonus. The recent Bb. Pilipinas 2008 pageant has created a buzz not only here in our country but also around the globe. This is because of the controversial winner of the Miss World Title Janina San Miguel. At presstime, the video of the question and answer portion posted on is at more than 1.4 million hits, and commented almost 15 thousand times. Some insulted her because she was not able to pull out a good answer plus the mistakes in her grammar and some defended her saying that she should be a given a chance to prove herself.

I tend to laugh at those who gave negative comments on the video because they themselves commit mistakes on their grammar. As much as possible, I dont want to correct grammar of others because I myself commit those mistakes. I see lots of bloggers making the same mistakes whenever I do blog hopping but I'd rather be silent for them not to get hurt. My suggestion, read your articles again and look for your mistakes. That is what I do because sometimes I tend to do articles on the spot (like this one) and is not able to check my grammar. So even if you have posted an article, you can edit your mistakes if you found one.

Now with regards to the Bb. Pilipinas pageant, I've read an article of Dolly Anne Carvajal, an entertainment writer of, that the percentage for personality and intelligence acounts only for 20% of the criteria for judging and 80% for face and figure. Now doing my math, a candidate can really win even without answering a question right? A candidate can still get a 90% or less, since intelligence is only 10%. I really think that the criteria should be changed. Why not give a 2o% or 30% for intelligence?

Although English is not our first language, we've been known to be one of the best in this language, that is why foreigners outsource jobs here in the Philippines. The call centers are good example of this. They like Filipino workers because we can communicate well. In my opinion, our representative to an international pageant should be also good at this language because it reflects us. But let us give Janina the chance to prove herself. She should take the advice of former Miss World 2nd runner up Ruffa Gutierrez to study speech lessons and thereby improving her communication skills. She still has the time to prepare.

I also included here the video of her interview giving a message to her critics. I salute her for being tough amidst this controversy. Let us wait and see what's gonna happen. After all, everybody can win if the criteria is like that. I don't blame her for that. So my message to the organizers, wake up! We are being laughed at!

Project Exlinks

Project Exlinks is a very good way of knowing other bloggers in the blogosphere. This project interconnects each and every blogger within the list thus enabling them to easily hop on each of the bloggers blog site. I suggest that you include your links by following the links below. Thanks to Mommy Ruby for sharing this to us.

Project Exlinks Participants
1. Pinay Mommy Online
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15. arlene
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18. All Things Cherished
19. Pinayjade
20. Mar Roxas for President in 2010

Learn more about Project Exlinks here.

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