Thursday, May 8, 2008

Caramoan The Next Boracay!

Caramoan a municipality in Camarines Sur is the site where the 8th season of "Survivor - France" was filmed. This season is to be viewed by over 10 million French speaking people in Canada, Belgium, France, Switzerland and other french speaking countries in Europe. It is expected that tourists would go to the islands of Caramoan after the said reality game show hit the waves.

Gota Beach, the gateway to other islets and beaches at Caramoan was rented exclusively by the French Production to shoot the famed reality game show. The provincial Government of Camarines Sur has been reported to be paid by the production a total sum of 20 million pesos for the exclusive use of the said beach. It is expected that tourists would visit the beaches of Caramoan after having the season shown just like that of Palawan where the tourists visiting the place increased to 23 percent after the 7th season of Survivor - France was shoot there.

A development plan worth 200 million pesos is to done in Caramoan which includes road networks and an airport to boost the tourism of Camarines Sur. The development would be carefully planned and improved so as not to encounter sewage problems to the place. It was also reported that two hollywood films would be possibly filmed in Caramoan.

I would definitely try to be in the beaches of Caramoan because it is just a two hour ride from our place in Bicol. The pictures shown here are courtesy of Judy Anne Ortiz, a good friend of mine, who visited the place months ago when the 8th season of Survivor - France was being shoot. They were not able to go to Gota Beach because of the restriction posted by the agreement between DENR and the French production but the pictures would definitely show the beauty that is Caramoan.


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