Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Invitational Basketball Tournament!

To play for a tournament to unwind and to stay fit is a thing that all of us in the corporate world should do. Yes, I did played for a tournament commissioned by one of the consulting firm here in Makati (Hyder Philippines) together with De La Salle University.

Our team was composed of new comers like me because our company has just started to grow in employees for its expansion so majority of the players of our company who played for our the games are new faces. We were informed that there is a try-out for the said tournament a week before the said tournament took off and I told myself why not give it a try. So the try out was held four days after the start of the tournament so we barely had the time to practice and it turns out that the try out is already our practice. But a game is not enough to know how good your teamates are and is not enough to know how the team would fare in the tournament because the players barely knows how the other players game. In short, we are just expecting luck to come our way comes the games.

As a result of this, we ended up 1 win and 5 losses. We won against Ayala Land Inc. - CMG with a slight margin in the overtime. We lost to the host Hyder Consulting Phil. by a big margin, lost to ID 103 (alumni of DLSU) by a few points as we rallied in the fourth quarter to trim the lead but was not enough though. We also lost to Struktura by a small margin. Lost to Design Coordinates Inc. (DCI), also a close fight and finally lost to CE Faculty of DLSU in close fight also.

Overall we gave a good fight to all our opponents but as I tried to analyze where we went wrong, I saw that the reason is simply lack of teamwork. I've seen that there are lots of talent in our team but those talents are simply not combined but is working indepently and you don't want that in a team beause this game is a game of teamwork. One must not rely on his own talent because 5 heads and bodies are always better than 1. Some are just show offs who just want to take the shot just for them to score. Basketball cannot be won by just mere scoring. It is a game of teamwork, defense, patience and good execution. I hope the team learned from the mistakes it did during the tournament. Well see what we can do next care. I hope we could play a better game next time.

But it was fun. It was a great way to unwind and to keep ourselves fit. I also hope that the organizers would be considerate to those teams who comes late because of the traffic and of course of the work they are doing. Organizers can you please be considerate enough? See you next time in the games.


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