Saturday, May 10, 2008

How Rich Will I Be In The Next Ten Years?

Lately I've been visiting sites of top bloggers and see how they are doing their blogs and get to know each of their styles. One of the well known blogger is John Chow. If you don't know him, well, you should visit his site to know more about him and I'll guarantee you that you will learn from his experiences in the blogosphere.


How much money will you be worth?

A post of his caught my attention. The post is about a site which tells you your future earnings for the next ten years. I don't know the accuracy of this site but it is really a stress reliever as John says it. I tried doing it and surpassed John Chow's future earnings by more than a hundred thousand dollars. John I just beat you! I just forgot my answer so I have nothing to share(It's my secret! Laughs!). But will this happen? That I don't know. Looking at what I have achieved now, I am nothing compared to a John Chow. But who knows, no one can say what the future will bring(I never lose hope!). I am very optimistic of the outcome of what I have started but this will only happen if I will be patient enough to learn new things on the web. The key here would be hard work and apply what I learned and will learn from the materials I've been reading. I never quit. There are lots of bloggers who quit when they feel like they have done everything. Wrong, you have not done your best that is why you haven't prospered. It takes a lot of patience to stay in the blogosphere. One thing that a blogger must remember is to love what he is doing, because if you dont love what you are doing then you get tired of what you do and then you quit. I love what I'm doing. I will continue to learn and reach my goal. Be it yours to.

Don't forget to try the site. It's fun!

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