Friday, January 25, 2008

Body Painting

Last night my officemate and friend Jack went out to a place called Metro Bar from an invitation of a special friend Imee (she’s special cause she is a special child…kidding! I told you I’m going to get back to you!) who told us that one of their friend who is also a contestant to a search they joined is going to perform with her band on that bar.

So off we went after work, (I was lucky I was not asked to work late! Good for me!) and there we meet Imee and another candidate in the search for Ms. Mandaluyong 2008 (that is the search they joined) named Rose. She represents Bagong Silang if I’m not mistaken. She is tall at 5’8” plus four inches of her high heels. I was awed by how tall she was. There we also met Ara, the one who was about to perform later that night. She is also beautiful as well as the ladies I’ve mentioned. Oh I forgot to tell, the tickets were free care of Ara I think. Sorry for those that we invited and did not come, the tickets are for free!

As the show was starting we realized that there was a fashion show first before Ara’s band is to perform. The fashion show was entitled as “INKDulge” because they are featuring body painting in that fashion show. The show was organized by JMA-UPM (Junior Marketing Association of the University of the Philippines Manila), the lone marketing association in UP Manila as they say it. The show was sponsored by Levi’s. There they featured amateur and professional models. It started with a ramp of models wearing Levi’s jeans and shirts and after that the models took the stage with the body paints on them. It was good to know that we have very good artists doing body painting. The theme was something like skulls and some of Egyptian carvings. There was this woman who had body paint which looks like she you were watching her x-ray film. In that show I realized that the human body is a much better canvass than the natural canvass that painters use because it moves and the model is giving life to the painting. But I observed that the painter used only two colors, black and gray. Maybe because of the theme or maybe it was for cost cutting measures. I know those kind of paints are expensive. The reason, I really don’t know. I took some pictures of them on the ramp but I think I would just post it here later on. I still don’t have enough time to upload it.

After the modeling, Ara’s band started to play with some of their originally composed songs. She was the vocalist and at the same time playing the electric guitar in rhythm. I told the two girls they would really have a hard time beating her in the talent competition. But they said it was okay coz that was just a part of the competition. I like their camaraderie and it just shows that competitions can really be healthy and the good thing about it is that you gain friends. After the band, the party already started and the music was supplied by DJ Coki. At 12 midnight we went home.

Let me take this opportunity to invite all my friends, readers and all the people of Mandaluyong to support and watch the Search for Miss Mandaluyong 2008 in February 7, 2008, the coronation night. The voting for your favorite candidate is still on so vote for them at Please vote for Miss Barangka Ibaba, Remilie “Imee” Reyes!
That’s all folks for now. Keep posted.

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