Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love is My LIfe...(A Repost)

Friday, March 16, 2007, I felt that there is a need to write about what is coming into my mind, how I feel about everything that is happening to my life. Yesterday, it was my birthday, although I was sick, I made sure that that day would be celebrated and would be a gathering of my closest friends. With the help of Jason and Coza, we prepared a small dinner and a drinking session after. There I realized the real essence of being friends, not only because it was my birthday but making you feel that you are important and knowing that these friends would not leave you in the midst of despair and loneliness. I've been to a heartache for the past few weeks and my friends never left me in those days, they never stopped to boost my confidence. One of the dilemmas of those who get hurt is to lose self-esteem. It did come to me for a while but it was overshadowed by my strong personality and cuddling of those real friends that I have.
People make choices in their lives, choices that we cannot control. We may have thought that those choices are wrong but what can we about it? We are not the ones who are making decisions. All we can do is to give an advice or influence a person involved in it but without aggravating someone else. Influence to such extent that we give our point about the situation but no matter what the outcome is, we should accept. It may be favorable to us or not but the point is we did our part and we would not have any regrets about it. In situations where there is conflict and disarray, situation which you know is morally wrong, what are you going to do about it? I've been into this situation, I know something was wrong, I pointed out what I believe is right. Even before I've heard this came out from the sermon of a priest, I always adhered to such belief. In cases where we know something is wrong, we must do something to correct it or we became an accomplice to that crime. If you know that you can do something and you did not do anything to correct it, you became an accomplice to the crime. So do what you can do, whatever it takes. And if you are the one who is in that situation and you know that what you are doing is wrong, then expect that worst thing that would happen to you. You can never be happy when you know you are doing something wrong. And if everything goes wrong, hold unto Him, your family, your real friends who would be there to comfort you at your downiest moments. What is important is you accept that you are wrong and correct your mistake. And to those people who know how to accept their mistakes, I am one person who would understand and not judge you for what you did. Everybody may commit a mistake. And that one who commits a mistake must be forgiven and must be given another chance. But to that one who commit that mistake, be ready to lose everything that you treasure. It may be the payment for what you did.
I have learned yesterday that to love someone is to love without gain. What is important is that you gave love, love that is not asking for anything, love which is forgiving, love which is patient, love which is not greedy. Love does not envy. Love is giving. True love would not want to hurt the one being loved. Therefore, love would set her free.
But I would not stop loving. I have always loved in the same manner as my friends showed me. To my friends, I love all of you. Thanks for showing me what real friendship is. I am happy that we value our friendship a lot and know for a fact that we would be there even if the wave is too strong because ours is stronger. That I know for sure.
Above all these pains, there is still room to love. It never diminished but increased. I will love until the end.

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