Friday, January 25, 2008

“Cell Phone Capital of the World”

I remember when I was in 2nd year college, my aunt bought a cellular phone which was not yet capable of doing text messages. That was the time when cell phone was just starting to grow. To date, Philippines became the cell phone capital of the world. How did this happen? That is what I want to discuss here in this forum.

I never expected this industry to grow as fast as it did. Almost every household here in the Philippines already has a cell phone, not one but each family member have one, and to some two, others three or more. I have two. You would ask why three? The reason would be, each has a cell phone for the two network giants Globe and Smart and one for the call and text friendly Sun Cellular. These three network companies are earning big bucks out of this craze that the Filipino’s have.

One of the reasons why cell phones clicked here is because of it’s being handy. I believe that that is the main reason why people prefer cell phones than local landlines. The cell phone industry here outperformed the landlines. Another reason would be the text message. It was only recently that landlines can make text messages. The land lines are also innovating now because they already want it to function like cell phones but at the same time as landlines. If all the functionalities of cell phone with be incorporate on such land lines then I think it would be preferred by Filipino’s because it would be most practical for them to do so. Some prefer texting than calling because it is cheaper of course and some would write it than saying it. But I prefer the call because you can easily convey what you really want to say. Cell phone’s became very important to us because of it is our means of communication to our friends, family and business matters. I felt the importance of it when I was looking for a job. It really is a must that you have one. Other reasons why Filipino’s have cell phones is because of the applications added to it depending on its model. Some would use it as a toy because there are games in it. Some would use it as a radio and an mp3 player. I do this one. Some use it as a camera. Some use it as storage for different files. Some use it as a modem to connect to the internet and you can also directly surf the net using it. And recently it can now be a television.

I think that this industry would still grow because cell phone companies are always innovating there functionalities and capabilities to grow with time and technology. I believe this the reason why it has now become a necessity rather than luxury.

How about you? What are the uses of your cell phone? Share it with us. Post a comment.

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