Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sports! Movies! Games! Music! Websites! Technology! – My List, Tell Me Yours…

I am thinking of topics which I could post in this blog and suddenly the idea of putting up a list of my favorites would be a good one to let every reader of my blog know me more. Here are the list and a little explanation of why I liked them.


Dallas Mavericks – My favorite team in the NBA, why because of the 2006-2007 MVP Dirk Nowitzki. I think he is a complete player. He can shoot from the outside and drive on the inside and also good in rebounds. Boston Celtics is a good team this year but Dallas would beat them (I hope…).


Adam Sandler Movies – That would be the “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates”, I think Adam Sandler is very good at feel good movies. He would really make you laugh with very less effort of doing so. I think it comes out naturally to him.

Jim Carey Movies - I like his performance in “The Mask” and “Liar Liar” but his best for me is his drama in the “The Truman Show” where he earned his best actor award. Imagine it even made me cry (I got carried away!). Hey, watch out! Maybe your life is just like Truman, everything was a set-up.

Tom Hanks Movies – He really is the number one actor on my list. He was very good in “Forrest Gump”, “The Terminal” and “Philadelphia” but what I like best is his movies “Saving Private Ryan”. The best war movie I’ve ever seen.

Russell Crowe
Movies – He was very good in his performances in “The Gladiator”, “The Cinderalla Man” and my favorite “A Beautiful Mind”.


I am referring here to Video Games, my favorite now is DOTA (Defense of the Ancients-Warcraft III) and my favorite hero there is non-other than Zeus the Lord of Olympia. Dota addicts you got a comrade here, so let’s get it on! It’s hammer time! By the way I also play Counter-Strike and NBA Live.


Oh I love music! I listen to a variety of genres. Now I’ll go for the alternative band “My Chemical Romance”, their music is good. I also like “Fra Lippo Lippi”. Here in the local music (Philippines) I’ll go for “Side A”, “Freestyle” and “True Faith”. I also listen to reggae band “Brownman Revival”.


I usally visit “”, “”, “Ebay.Com”, “” and of course “Google” and this site. Local sites would be “” (I always see to it that I have a news about our best boxer), “”.


I am not really a technology whiz person, I just go with the flow. I have friend who keeps me updated. I use to play with my laptop. And play music on my phone.

Basically these are the things that is making me busy add it with my work. So how about you? What are your favorites? What makes you busy? Please do let me know by making comments. I’ll keep you posted about what is happening in my life. Ciao for now!

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