Monday, March 31, 2008

Build Links, Increase Your Technorati!

I remember joining technorati, the biggest blog directory just a month ago and I was overwhelmed by the result it gave me. From scratch, I now have an authority of 173. I believe it is an achievement for a start up blogger like me. My technorati ranking also increased from about 2 million plus during my start to 34, 802 now.

You would ask how I did such feat in just a short span of time? Well the answer to your question is non other than Link Building!

One way of building links is to join memes that links your site to other blog sites. One of the most known link building meme is the "Big Bang". I believe this one has helped me the most. The others that I joined are "Project Exlinks", and "Links Around The World". Well, I would like to give credit to super Mommy Ruby for introducing all of these to me. All that I know before are link exchanges or more coined as "exlinks". I suggest that everyone join these meme's as it would increase your technorati ranking and as well as your authority thus, making you an authority to blogging. (At least to Technorati's point of view). I still don't know how link building works to increase the google pagerank. Still not ranked at it. But I'll be there in due time. It takes a lot of patience as all Pro Bloggers say. Maybe not in this site but to the other sites I would build.

What else can we do to increase our links?

Aside from exchanging links, you can do comments to other bloggers' blog site but take note that you should not sign in your blogger account when commenting but rather use the name/url option. This would be counted as backlink to your site. The blogger account would just link it to your blogger profile but not your blogsite. Now, if the name/url is not available, you can sign in your blogger account and you can still create a backlink by doing a little html code which is very easy to do.

Type In:

One more piece of advise, make sure that your comment is relevant to the post you just commented. By this way, the author of the blog would notice you and there is a big chance that he would visit your site. And by doing this, you can increase your traffice as well. So why dont you comment on this post and I will comment as well to your article.

And lastly, link building not only increase your traffic but it is also a very good way of gaining friends and discovering great blogs out there in the blogosphere. Informative blogs that would really optimize your site. That's all for link building. Check out this site for more blogging tips.

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Yes and agreed with you. Link bulding is a strategy. And I like atomicblogging as well.