Monday, March 31, 2008

EntreCard To Increase Your Traffic!

There are debates when it comes to this traffic exchange site whether it brings quality or just quantity traffic. Whether it is quality or quantity it is still traffic and is much better than no traffic at all. I advise every new blogger like me to join this traffice exchange community. A few of the members lost thier interest to this site because they say that they don't get quality traffic to their site. The reason in my opinion is absurd because there are member who really read and subscribe to the sites of the member. But at first, I suggest that members should increase first their advertisment cost by being a power dropeer first then the reading of readworthy blogs should be next. There are sites of members that would really boost your blogsites. The secret to everything is reading religiously.

What do we get from joining EntreCard?

1. We get credits from dropping our cards to other members of this site.
2. We can advertise our site to other sites.

We get credits by dropping our cards to other sites. Yes that easy. We also earn credits to those who advertise to us. A few members was disaappointed because it is very hard for them to make 300 drops for a day. We must do this for us to advertise to well known sites which cost us big amounts of credits and we can only do this by being a power dropper ourselves. Maximize our dropping to 300 hoping that drops we made would be reciprocated and thereby increasing the cost of advertising to our site. I just joined six days ago and I am now ranked as "a dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction". The stats below are my stats. See, I dropped 300 cards within the day. Many find it hard it do 300 drops. Want to know how I did it?

Simple. Use the EntreCard site opener.

How to operate it?
1. Open your account to EntreCard.
2. Then open the EntreCard Site Opener.
3. Press Window Button + Z to Open Random Sites
4. Look for the EntreCard avatar and drop your card.
5. When "Thanks!" appear on the avatar, press Ctrl+W to close the tab.
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to reach 300 drops

This process can be completed approximately an hour or if your connection is faster, 30 minutes would do. It's not hard to do isn't it? So let's EntreCard to Increase our traffic.


JOY said...

I am a newbie with this entrecard Pamps and I don't know to used it fully. I just accept all adverts then drop my entrecard if I saw others have it like yours. Recieve recommendation to then accept it without looking haha. Submitted my health blog at entrecard. Thank you for dropping again Pamps.

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