Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Typing Speed

64 words

Speed test

If there is one thing I think I am good at, I believe it is typing. I saw some of the typing speed of many bloggers and most of them are good in this area. The highest of which that I saw is at 68 words per minute. I haven't beaten this one yet on the site where you would be directed if you would click on the image but I have typed at a maximum of 74 words per minute. I'm at 64 presently, I'll repost again when I beat the 68 mark. I would like to give credit to my fellow bloggers for sharing the site with me. For those who wants to know their typing speed feel free to click the image and you would be directed to the site. Have fun! (P.S. Wait for my post about our Baguio City adventure last weekend, it is quite a long story and journey!)

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