Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Do you like to have a beautiful house like image above? Well, of course you want to. Everybody has a dream house. I myself dream of a having a house of my own with my family or maybe my soon to be family. Everybody wants to build their houses that I believe. No wonder the market share of are estimated to be the biggest share in the market. Even here in the Philippines, the real estate industry is a good market because OFW's tend to invest on these kind of properties.

You may now have some ideas on how you would want your house to look like or maybe you have already planned which areas would be occupied by each family member or maybe you already have the idea on how the furnitures would be placed. Whom should you consult?
Many of us doesn't know how to start or whom to consult when it comes to the this matter. People are confused if they would get an Architect or an Engineer. I would just like to share to everyone who wants to build a house what the Architect and the Engineer can do as this is not quite clear to every layman.

Now for residential houses, I still believe that the Architect is the first to be consulted. He can do the planning of the house and of course if you want to improve the aesthetics of your houses, these are the poeple who do good in this part although some civil engineers have also managed to do some architectural drawings but still architects are the ones who have authority in this.
If you want to build a safe house that would not collapse in case of natural disasters, the engineer should be the one to consult. What kind of an engineer should be consulted? The answer is a structural engineer. Structural engineers makes sure that the reinforcement of your houses withstands the forces of nature. They do the necessary computations to arrive at those reinforcements that I'm mentioning. Architects sometimes do structural stuffs but they are not well versed in it although they have subjects on it but they are not an authority to the structures stability.

In the construction of your dream house, an architect or a civil engineer can accomplish the job. Both can handle the project. You may want to consult a Master Plumber for the piping and sanitation (A master plumber is enough for residential dwellings but in big construction a sanitary engineer is needed), an Interior Designer to set up all about interiors, an Electrical Engineer for the lighting and power, they do the electrical plans. The service of a Mechanical Engineer should be consulted if your house would have heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC).

I hope I've shared a bit of information for my blogger friends who would want to have their dream houses built. If you have further questions, feel free to ask me as I have also engineered various residential and commercial structures here in Manila and the rest of the Philippines. I do structural engineering of houses so you may ask me further on this matter.


MoonLAE said...

Hello there engineer!!
I don't want a huge house.I just want my family together..NAHH! I'm being dramatic again.LOL!
Uhm just in case..I'll contact you.
NO overcharging!HAHA!

levian said...

wow the house is huge !! i would love to have a small, just-enough house. hehe. cozy n warm. :)

Pamps said...

yes we can also do small houses, whatever all of you prefer.

MELISSA said...

I want to have one!!! ehehhe :)