Friday, March 14, 2008

Escudero, Diaz , DiCaprio and Graf amongst WEF’s Top Young Global Leaders

Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero and model actor turned social entrepreneur Illac Diaz are the Filipinos amongst the honorees of this years World Economic Forum’s Top Young Global leaders. They join actor Leonardo DiCaprio and tennis player Stefi Graf in this year’s award. Also included in the yearly award is CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper.

I got this scoop from one my favorite online newspaper the and learned that the article was because of the press release of the office of the good Senator but I opted to research more about the award giving body and I went to its website and saw the list of the 245 awardees and learned that another Filipino was included and it is non-other than entrepreneur Illac Diaz.

I really think that the writer should have researched more because I think Illac Diaz is as much as a celebrity like the good Senator and should not rely only to a press release. Illac is the founder of CentroMigrante who won the 2006 $100K MIT entrepreneurship tilt. The group’s idea is to provide clean and affordable housing to migrants who flock to other countries to seek employment but are usually unable to afford decent lodging while searching or waiting for jobs. Truly a need here in the Philippines for we have more than a million Filipinos in a year going out of this country to work abroad. He should be given credit like the neophyte Senator.

Well of course our Senator Francis Escudero should be lauded for his contributions in public service. His new authored bill, the Anti-Prostitution Bill is being deliberated now in the Senate of which he is optimistic that the bill would be passed. This bill gives greater protection to the children and women where they are not treated as criminals in this bill but victims. For more info about this bill you can visit Chiz’s website. I just have a question in mind, will Escudero be the first Bicolano President? Let’s wait and see.

The two Filipinos now joins the prestigious list of Top Young Global leaders along with Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of

Established in 2004, the Forum of Young Global Leaders is a unique multistakeholder community of the world's most extraordinary young leaders, who dedicate a part of their time to jointly address global challenges and who are committed to devote some of their knowledge and energy to collectively work toward a better future.

As part of their engagement, the young leaders give their time to task forces to initiate, develop and drive innovative solutions on important, globally-oriented issues, including health, education, the environment, global governance and security, and development and poverty.

Sources: Chiz's Website , Illac Diaz Article


MoonLAE said...

Senator Chiz!!He's my crush!He's so brilliant!I don't watch the news nowadays.At least after reading your post, I'm quite updated.
(Is that recent?)LOL

The Purple Phoenix said...

Really late comment :) I just saw your post today.

I do feel Senator Escudero will be the first Bicolano president.

I'll link your post to the Team Chiz! Multiply site. We gather blog posts regarding Chiz. Yours deserve some "linking."

Jowana Bueser
Team Chiz!