Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogging For All or For a Privileged Few?

This article is intended for blogger and non-bloggers especially to those who want to be in the blogging industry. I say industry for the reason that blogging has now became an income stream to those bloggers who wants to earn money online and not just a hobby or past time and sometimes a diary to remind a person of what has happened into his life. Blogging now has been used for advertising and a very powerful aspect of e-commerce.

If a person really wants to blog, I believe he can, that is my stand and therefore blogging is for all. Some people might say that blogging is for those people who can write articles which would definitely attract readers because of its good content. False! Why did I say so? Simply because you don’t need to write those articles yourself because those articles that you want to write can already be found on the net. One good example is this site, The other would be There are lots of sites out there where you could choose articles which sooth your sites and contains articles of almost all topics of your interests, be it in blogging, advertising, sports, business, news and a lot more. What you should do is to rewrite these articles and maybe improve its content if you have better ideas to supplement that certain article. As business boo writer Robert Kiyosaki says it in his books (Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series), “You don’t need an idea that is new, it just have to be better.” Same as with writing, you just need to improve it because the author might have missed some details. You might also want to give credit to the original author’s work about that article. He would love his work published to your site plus a citation to his work would be very much welcomed. Just be sure not to copy copyrighted articles.

To share, I started blogging because of a random email sent to me by another blogger saying that there is a possibility to earn online through blogging. I would like to thank that girl for that. She is just a college student and doing blogging part-time and monetizing it at the same time. I bet she has made big bucks out of her blog. I recently visited her site and the site meter reflects that the visitors already reached more than a hundred thousand. Her preferred method of monetizing her blog is the infamous Google Adsense. Many earned success online through this advertising program and I can say that this one is a very good start for those bloggers who wants to monetize their blogs.

In that email sent to me, I was not introduced to Google Adsense yet but the idea of earning extra income online stuck to my head and motivated me to research and that lead me to Google Adsense. There are still a lot of advertising programs like Bidvertiser, Ad Brite, Clicksor, Kontera, Widget Bucks, Chitika and a lot more which a blogger can enroll to monetize her blog. The good thing about these advertising programs is that it is for free plus the fact that you’ll earn from it. Sounds good, isn’t it? But I will not discuss in depth all those advertising programs in this article as I intend to write about it in the next articles that I would be writing, so watch out for that.

When I started to blog, I myself is not a writer of any sort. Never had I experienced writing for a school paper, a newspaper or whatever medium of writing that you can think of. But here I am, writing, it has become my passion, my way to financial freedom and hope that it would be yours too. And so I am encouraging all those who want to venture in this online business that is blogging to go on, there are a lot of people who would want to guide you on your way. They could be your business partners in the future. They would help you and you to them. I will be one of those to guide and teach you on your way. I might be a new blogger but I work hard to attain my goal. My hard work is starting to pay off. You and I will reap that success. I want you to be there. See you around!

(The author of this article is a Civil Engineer working full-time for a fa├žade consulting company as a design engineer and doing blogging part-time in his spare time. He wishes to impart all his knowledge to everyone who wants to learn blogging and earn from it. He sees that blogging would be a medium to reach his financial freedom. He intends to share his knowledge using his blog sites name Pamps’ Blog Corner and Pamps’ How To Guide.)

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