Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yahoo, Microsoft Merger

I have been watching closely the merger being talked about by two of the giant dot coms on the web, Yahoo and Microsoft. Of course every blogger knows these two search engines because these are the players next to Google and bloggers knows the importance of being ranked in this popular search engines. The fact is, these three are the most important of the search enginese we can find on the web.

Yahoo rejected the $44.6 billion dollar offer of Microsoft which is said to be equal to $29 dollars per share of stock, because the Yahoo board believes that the price is not of the best interest to Yahoo and its shareholders. Microsoft applied pressure to Yahoo by expressing that they would directly address the matter to the shareholders and not to the Yahoo board.

I think that the merger is possible if the two camps would come up with an agreement that is both beneficial to the parties involved. I may not be so good when it comes to this mergers but in my point of view, the merger would be good for both companies for they can create a much better competition to the search engine giant Google, Inc. which is way ahead of the two companies involved.

Even with the slump in the Yahoo's operations, it has always been on the move to innovate and create ways to compete with Google. One of the recent announcements made by Yahoo is the inclusion of video storage and streaming to Yahoo's Flickr to keep up with Google's YouTube. Let's just wait and see how Flickr would do against the established YouTube which has been the pillar for video streaming.

There are lots of new things coming up on the web and we just have to wait and see what is in store for all of us.

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