Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Signed Up For Pay Per Post

I started blogging when I learned oppurtunities of making money out of writing. I first started with a third party site that gives advertisements based on what you write. I've learned that every blog needs traffic and to do that I started to network to other bloggers and realized that there are other great oppurtunities to earn with blogs and one of those is Pay Per Post.

What I like about Pay Per Post is that it is both beneficial to both the publisher/blogger and advertiser as the publisher gets paid by doing articles with regards to a certain product or topic that an advertiser wants to promote. Another good thing about pay per post is PPP Direct where advertiser can directly hire bloggers to create a post about a product they want to promote. It is also a great avenue for gaining friends online as each and everyone learns from each others posts. There is also an oppurtunity to review a certain bloggers posts and both the reviewer and reviewee earns from that posts.

I have also seen bloggers who became very successful in the programs offered by Pay Per Post where some of them really make big bucks from those programs. I intend to be part of those who really make it big with Pay Per Post. I know there are lots of things which needs to be done and I am taking one step at a time to be there. With these, I will be enjoying to write about the things I love to write at the same time earning from it.

Let us all be part of payperpost, spread the good news and hope everyone would enjoy! There is a bright future with Pay Per Post!

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