Friday, April 4, 2008

Did I make money out of this blog?

I read an article in one of the traffic exchange site asking this same question, the only difference is our answer. She said a "no" and mine is a "yes" and the proof just arrived this day, April 4, 2008, my Google Adsense PIN.

I don't blame the author of the blog that I was mentioning because she said that she loves writing and that is why she does it. But there was a remark from her that "it doesn't pay my light bills" (I believe she's referring to her electricity bill). Now that should be a reason to start monetizing her blog, to pay her electricity bills. Besides she have a good site and have a decent writing basing from what I've read in her article.

After more than two months of blogging, I am starting to see the results of the work I've done. I started blogging because of a random email that was sent to me from a certain member of a social network I joined, the Friendster. She was telling me about making money within the social network and showed me a link of the proof. Of course it directed me to her blog site and saw the clip I posted here, the "Mel & Joey" earn from your blog segment and realized that we could really earn from blogs. It has been very difficult experience for me because I didn't knew adsense. I just saw it on one of the sponsored links on that site and researched about it, registered using my friendster account, yes my friendster account, you can use that if you don't have a website yet (you would be needing it if you would register), it worked for me. Still the hard part of it is that no one thought me how to do it, the only one I learned with a help of an online friend(Mommy Ruby) is viral linking. I have to study everything on my own so I told myself, why not make this blog a tool to teach everybody who wants to earn online. That I am doing and will do for the rest of my blogging days.

Sometimes its hard to reply on people's queries because of the new things that I learn online. I use to focus on each thing that I learn and sometimes I can't give time to those I am teaching. It is very hard to divide time when you are just starting to learn more and more. To those I'm mentoring, be patient with me, I'll be back on you, thats for sure. I've had my triumph and failures on the web, failures that posts as challenge to me. Challenges that makes you improve your work and give more dedication, correct those mistakes and innovate. There are still much to talk about but I am cutting this off now. Watch out for the posts that I will be making, tips from Google Adsense, and other ways to earn online. Been discovering quite a few of them. Watch out for the new site that I would be making. Will correct my past mistakes on that site. My journey on the web has been a trial and error but still is rewarding.

I am happy that there are no holds on my Google Adsense account. I am adhering Google Adsense to all the Filipinos and all bloggers of the world because it is free. Everything in this life that is free is good. I believe that, do you? So let's Adsense our way to richess. I'll see you there.


Lisa said...

That girl--the one who doesn't pay her electricity bills with all the money she reaps in from her blog--that's me! The question I posed was Do I Make Money With My Blog and Pamp's right, I really don't. It costs me more than I make (although I have been trying to come up with ways that I can actually make the blog more sustainable without selling my soul to the adsense God).

The trouble with slapping up ads is that it often takes advantage of folks and the entire purpose of my blog is to help people NOT get taken advantage of. Personally, I found that Google AdSense ads (like the ones at the top of this site) were often spammy ads for "get rich quick" schemes when placed on my blog pages. While I don't begrudge others for taking advantage of free blog services and google adsense since their topics aren't likely to produce so many spam advertisement links, it's just not the main purpose of my blog. And, quite frankly, I'm getting tired of seeing all the blogs who's main purpose it obviously is.

Thank you for posting this (since you mentioned my article and compared us I figured it was only fair to respond)!

Pamps said...

Thanks for commenting Lisa. I do respect your views. I don't want to argue on your points because it would just stir up a long debate. I salute you for being a good writer and for your cause. We just have a different view when it comes to monetizing blogs. I said in this article that one of my purpose is to help all those who are willing to learn earning with adsense. I also don't believe in get rich quick schemes because blogging entails patience and hardwork. That is what I teach and what I would share to those who would want to learn from me. I guess you just dont know how adsense works or where those ads are coming from so you made a remark like that and I don't blame you for that.

Lisa said...

No harm or arguing meant at all! I do wish that AdSense ads didn't return such spammy links based on my particular content. That's what Google does, they return ads based on the surrounding content. So all of the ads showing up on my site were for data entry and stuffing envelope jobs that I was concurrently warning people against such schemes.

Sometimes I wish I had a a different blog topic that was kinder to working with ad networks like Google's but then the writing would be a real chore.

It's true that I'm sick of seeing sites that are nothing BUT Google ads (you've seen them I'm sure). If I considered this blog as part of that 'get rich quick' scheme of sites I'd have never posted a comment response in the first place.

My only real objective was to explain why I, personally, don't feel comfortable using AdSense, remind you where you saw the post, provide your blog post with a comment and grab a link to my own article!

Cheers and good luck with more Google pay days. We'll all be watching to see how you fare.

Pamps said...

Ok got your point. If you think that there are ads that are scams, you can actually filter those ads to not appear on your site. That is one thing that most adsense users don't do. I still am not using such feature because most of the ads shown on my site are legit. That is my belief. Thanks Lisa for commenting and thanks for watching me out! I appreciate it.

mirage2g said...

congrats...I am still waiting for mine...

Anyway, About the Big Bang Linking, the main list has been updated! There are new participants so please add them to yours! Thanks!

PinoyDeal said...

thanks for the comment in my post

i actually read the rich dad series and completed its audiobooks, ebooks, and of course the cashflow game. i love it! its the first book that got me into entrepreneurship.

i have more business programs you can check out in my blog post

thanks a bunch and hope to hear from you soon!

Rachel said...

Since I started using adsense a bout a month ago I have only made 4 dollars, however I realize my blog is new, and it takes time, work, and traffic to get more clicks on ads.

Even though my adsense hasn't been the best, I did get a job baking 18 dozen cookies because of my site and that brought me in some money.

So adsense is great and I do believe that with higher traffic to my blog I will get more clicks, but there are so many ways you can make money with a blog, that eventually I will see profit and that makes hard work worth it.

Thanks for the article I agree

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