Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Project Exlinks Batch 4

Here is the project exlinks batch 4. This is a meme started by Mommy Ruby and I joined this one knowing that it would explode my technorati ranking by this one. I doubt if it would also increase our google page rank because a certain backlink is not always beneficial to both. I am studying now how to increase google pagerank and I will be sharing what I've known to all my visitors and readers. Just watch out for that.

1. Pinay
Mommy Online

2. Heather

3. Mommyhood Moments
4. Island

5. Treasures
In Life

6. sweetmommy
7. jcsacramento
8. Life

9. shimumsy
10. cherry gonzales
11. marc
12. sofia
13. Lalaine
14. Barefooted Me
15. pinoy money online
16. Pinay Mommy

17. liza
18. Sherry
19. Nina
20. Toro
21. angel
22. Ada
23. Homegirl Space
24. Bestfriend

25. rems
26. KidReviewer
27. wifeynibangis
28. changing
lanes\' pit stop

29. Lourdes\' Mia
30. Pinay Mommy

Learn more about Project Exlinks here.

1 comment:

Pinay Mommy said...

hi! you are complete.

you can avail of the freebies for complete posters.

send me an email at my EntreCard Inbox to avail of 50 free EC credits and sign-up for a counter so that you can monitor the 100 (unique hits) 30 seconder advertising that i will buy for you.

and if you have received all freebies, please leave me a comment at the project exlinks post.

thanks!! waiting to hear from you!!