Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yahoo - Microsoft? Yahoo - AOL? or Yahoo - Google?

The battle of the internet giants are getting into the peak these days. These has all started because of the unsolicited offer of Microsoft Network to acquire one of the leading search engines, Yahoo, Inc.

Yesterday it was on the news that a possible deal America Online of Time Warner Inc. is a bout to close in. This could be a big threat to the offer of Microsoft to Yahoo. Microsoft still takes its stand to its $44.6 billion dollar offer to Yahoo while the latter believes that it undervalues the worth of Yahoo shares. It has also been reported that Yahoo is about to do a test run of Google's Adsense for search but the result would not affect the Yahoo-AOL deal. After years of battling Google in online advertising, Yahoo decided to take such test if it would benefit both internet giants. The test would not exceed 3% of the Yahoo search queries. It is said to be that about 90% of online advertising is the share that Yahoo and Google would get given the possibility of a partnership between the two companies.

The battle is just starting to be interesting. What will be Microsoft's move? Will there be a merger between these internet giants? Will it be a Yahoo - Microsoft? Yahoo - Google? Or Yahoo - AOL?

I believe that a merger of this four would definitely be a powerhouse and a monopoly indeed on the web. New search engines would definitely have a hard time competing with them if such mergers would take place.


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Sharon said...

Hmmm, who knows what the future will bring for these internet giants. On a bit of a humorous note lets see what the possible abbreviations these merges could bring:
- Yahoo/Microsoft = YahSoft or MicroHoo (mmm, nah)
- Yahoo/Aol = YahAol (way too akin to a certain curse word)
- Yahoo/Google = Yahoogle or GooGhoo (sounds like a board game or a baby toy or something very sticky)

Have some fun and come up with your own. Use more imagination than I did though. :-)

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